Tuesday, December 08, 2009


A sandwich board sign promotes the event.

The crowd starts to gather.

The staff at Lesley's Pantry were serving up cookies and hot choclate.

The studio singers directed by Dawn Harwood-Jones provided Christmas songs.

Santa arrives via firetruck with Chester Fire Chief Leo "Duke" Chafe.

Some were excited about Santa.

Some were just happy to see him.

And others were more focused on the cookies.

A short display of fireworks signaled the lighting of the tree.

The tree is lit.

And Santa waves good-bye as he jumps in the fire truck on the first leg of his journey back home to the North Pole.

Dec.4'th,Chester-----------------Once again Lesley's Pantry and Chester Building supplies hosted what is becoming a popular traditional event in Chester. The Village tree lighting features singing,refreshments and Santa Claus for the kids. Well over a hundred people came out for this year's event. Special thanks to the Chester Volunteer Fire Department for getting Santa to the gig via Chester's newest firetruck. There was no snow for the event. This probably made it easier for so many folks to get out but it was tough on Santa as he had to park the reindeer and use a firetruck to get there on time.


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